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Angelica Ulkan
Coaching Psychologist & Economic Advisor
Coach & Sparring Partner for entrepreneurs and their companies, for board members at educational institutions and communities, for teachers, for experts from Research & Development, for freelancers, and for all people from the various cultures and individual living situations who either desire or are compelled to re-orient their lives. I would encourage you to gain clarity about yourself and your living environment, your strengths and real chances, your values, goals and vision, and than to become a confident and successful maker in your life and in the lives of others.
University of East London
School of Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology

Emphasis on
• evidenced based Coaching interventions
• Leadership & Organisational Coaching
• Psychology of Self
• Influencing and facilitating “Capacity Building” at individual, organizational and institutional level.
Additional subject: Health based coaching
AKAD University Rendsburg
Diploma study programme in business and economics

• Business studies with focus on „European Economy“
AKAD University Leipzig
Diploma study programme in communication sciences

• Business translation; language: English
FBD Business College Stuttgart
Certified Master of Trade (CCI)
• German (first language)
• English (excellent proficiency)

Since 2005

CCS Consulting & Coaching Synergy GmbH

Buechsenstrasse 15, D-70173 Stuttgart / Germany

Function: Managing Partner

Topics covered during Coachings, Consultings and Sparrings

• Personal status assessment
• Self-reflexion
• Self-perception & external perception
• Leadership & Self-management
• Goal setting & Self-efficacy
• Personal Branding
• Health-based coaching / Burnout-prevention
• Team moderation
• Cross-cultural psychology
• International relations strategy
• Knowledge management
A - Monitoring the Overall Strategy
B - Key competences of both present and potential future employees
C - Availibility of knowledge within an organization
D - Knowledge transfer within an organization
• Compatibility of traditional line hierarchies and agile team structures
• Lifelong educaction as an economic, psychological and social success factor

Since 1999

Engcotec GmbH

Buechsenstrasse 15, D-70173 Stuttgart

Company activities
- PV design and installations for international clients;
- PV feasibility studies for Arab investors;
- EU programmes in the area of renewable energies
- Appointment of the CEO / company owner to the presidential Advisory Council of
Egypt's scientists and experts with responsibility for strengthening the use of renewable energy sources in Egypt.

Function: Sparring Partner of the CEO / company owner

Scope of interventions: Capacity Building at the personal and organisational level by the implementation of evidenced based Sparring-, Coaching- and Consulting-processes.
Psychological approaches (depending on the situation)
- Cognitive behavioural approach involving, if appropriate, tools which are taken
from the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
- Systemic approach
- Agile leading and coaching
- Solution-focused coaching
- Motivational-psychological approach
- Psychodynamic approach
- Client-oriented communication
Basic stance: The integrative concept of humankind
As of 1995
Joining the world of consulting and coaching under the name Angelica Ulkan Consulting & Coaching, D-70794 Filderstadt / Germany